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Android data collection via the SDK

Andrew Gray Newbie

Hi - successfully integrated iOS and Android SDKs onto our latest App.


All working swimmingly with both iOS and Android apps recording data - as evidenced by Fiddler monitoring and then, subsequently, the logfiles the next day.


Today we performed some more testing on the most recent build - again no problems using Fiddler for both iOS and Android. We then had to rerun some tests for Android and Fiddler then consistently failed to show any Android based activity for WT despite the fact that, to prove Fiddler was still working, we were able to get our iOS based app to communicate with the same instance.


Although we'd seen this once before we didn't believe it and couldn't repeat it.


We were wondering if there were any conditions under which the Android SDK can go dark on us..... fyi we're using the latest SDK on a Galaxy Nexus running Android 4.0.1


Cheers in advance for any help.

  • Android data collection via the SDK
    Paul Lawbaugh Novice

    Through the emulator?  I've found the built-in proxy mechanism of Android emulators can be fickle at times.


    Also, if you have the webtrends server address set to https, that will naturally make a difference.


    I use Wireshark for debugging personally because it will attach to any network connection, even virtual ones to capture all in/out.  I think that Fiddler looks for browser traffic specifically doesn't it?  You still have https issues in Wireshark because you can't see the contents of the POST obviously but you still see that the traffic to Webtrends was sent.



    I think some other folks here have advice on using proxy settings for the virtual devices and whatnot too. Maybe they can chime in.