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Omit some new parameters

Manfred Moser Newbie



I am just adapting to the release for Android and found that you introduced new parameters.


Specifically I am wondering if I can just omit


     <!-- Name of your application. -->

    <string name="wt_dc_app_name">YOUR_APPLICATION_NAME_HERE</string>


    <!-- Version of your application. -->

    <string name="wt_dc_app_version">1.0</string>


since both values should really be automatically be gathered from the AndroidManfest data at runtime rather than having to hardcode it here.


Does the library do that? If not can I just remove it out of the xml and populate the values in code at app startup?


Otherwise I will have to automate the filtering of the of the webtrends xml in the build to make sure the values are the same..


oh and if the library does  not do it automatically.. consider this a feature request ;-)