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Setting Custom Parameters for iOS

Ulrik Sandholt Newbie

Hi Guys,


I have a simple question. If I want to send the following Webtrends Parameters and Custom Parameters from my iOS apps, which would be the correct way of doing it: WT.seg_1=test and DCSext.category=Test2



[e setValue:@"Test" forCustomParameter:@"WT.seg_1"];

[e setValue:@"Test2" forCustomParameter:@"category"];




[e setValue:@"Test" forParameter:@"WT.seg_1"];

[e setValue:@"Test2" forCustomParameter:@"DCSext.category"];




[e setValue:@"Test" forCustomParameter:@"WT.seg_1"];

[e setValue:@"Test2" forCustomParameter:@"DCSext.category"];



Or would it be something entirely different?


I am of course also firing off code for the event that is not custom:


WTEvent * e = [WTEvent eventForScreenView:[NSString stringWithFormat:@"/showcases/slideshows/%@/%@", s.category.name, s.name]

eventDescr:@"Showcase Overview"



But I am confused if WT.parameter should use forParameter or forcustomParameter and if Custom parameters should use DCSext. or not.


Let me know what you think! And thanks for the help.


Kind regards


  • Setting Custom Parameters for iOS
    James Nicholas Newbie

    Hi Ulrik,


    You would not use DCSext. when passing a custom parameter. The parameters you pass are exactly what will be sent when the SDK fires off an event. So, you will still append WT. parameters with WT. - such as WT.ti for title - but you wouldn't prepend DCS. to the SDC-parameter override parameters such as dcsaut and you wouldn't prepend DCSExt. to any custom parameters.


    In your above example, the correct syntax would be:


    [e setValue:@"Test" forCustomParameter:@"WT.seg_1"];

    [e setValue:@"Test2" forCustomParameter:@"category"];





    • Re: Setting Custom Parameters for iOS
      Ulrik Sandholt Newbie

      Thanks James,


      I fortunately did it, they way you described.


      I have trouble getting custom parameters into Webtrends and the standard stuff like screens views etc, being set with eventForScreenView and eventDescr works fine.


      It is very odd, I will have to check the logfiles to see if data is actually there.

      I will get back with more info


      Code example:



      Do you see anything wrong here?

      I can see that autorelease] is missing (compared to the documentation), would that cause the next code not to be fired off?