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Having problems with the &period=


Hi you all,


Since the A10 release I'm having problems with my REST URL powered Excel dashboards. As they give errors when I try to update them. 


I make a reference in the excel URL's, to an cell in my dashboard in which I can type the peiod for which I want to see the data, so all reports are looking at the same dates, but it seems that the parameter &period= does not work any more.


And I have not been able to get it working with 2 variables in the URL so I cannot work with 2 date parameters like the start_period= &end_period= parameters


This is the same for the V2.1 URL's, as well as the V3 URls from A10 which I gave a try as well.


Example extension of the URL I have been using ?totals=all&format=html&suppress_error_codes=true&period=["parameter", "period"]


Now I have tried to work with the following as well ?totals=all&format=html&suppress_error_codes=true&period=2011m06d20

but this gives the same error.


Does anyone have a suggestion for an workaround (or on how to get this period parameter working again ;-)

Would be highly appreciated!


Best regards,

Roelf Nienhuis


working with Excel 2003