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Problems extracting correct data from Webtrends Generator




I am attempting to pull data fromt the Webtrends Generator into an excel document.  I want to pull data from the previous 7 days.  I have figured out how to change the REST Url to pull the previous 7 days but I have been unable to get the data to update to continue showing the previous 7 days the following day.  I keep getting just the oringinal 7 days instead of having the previous 7 days from the new current day.  Does anyone know how to solve this problem? Do I need to have a like 7 REST urls that have current_day-1, current_day-2, etc.?  I am not sure I have correctly explained it and if you are confused please let me know.

Thanks in advance for your help!!


Brandon Matthies

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    Paul Lawbaugh Novice

    No problem.  This is easily done.


    For the time period use this (rather than using the "startperiod" and "endperiod" parameters):


    If you want the last 7 complete days (i.e. exclude today) use:



    If you want the last 7 days including today use:



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      Thanks for your help.  That worked very well!  I have another question.  When I am using the Webtrends Generator and the information is extracted into excel I would like to sort and filter some of the information.  The problem is when I refresh the connection my sorts and filters disappear.  Is there a way to keep the sort and filter in when refreshing the connection?  I have attempted to play with some of the settings in excel but have been unable to find the correct tool.




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        Paul Lawbaugh Novice



        There are several ways to do this in Excel.  My favorite method is to create a "data worksheet" where the raw data is stored and apply a pivot table to it.  but you don't need to put it on a separate sheet if you don't want to.



        Try this one out:

        Insert the data you want into a worksheet.  Name the worksheet "data".

        Click anywhere inside the data in the table and click in the Excel ribbon to "Insert" > "Pivot Table"

        You'll notice that it automatically selects all the data in the worksheet (Excel is pretty smart).

        Choose the option to create the pivot on "New Worksheet"

        Click ok.


        You'll get a highly usable pivot table in which you can drag and drop the rows, measures, etc. into the table.  When you refresh the data on the data worksheet, the pivot table updates automatically and none of your formatting, sorting will be replaced.  Better yet, if you created new measures of your own, this data is intact too (like making an avg page view per visit or something like that).



        If you just want a table you can sort and not have messed up on a refresh and you don't want a separate worksheet:

        Click any cell inside of the Webtrends data.

        Click "Insert" > "Table"

        Check the option "My table has headers"

        Click OK


        This table has nice sort/filter dropdowns and they are reapplied when you refresh.

        I even have had success inserting my own data columns in between but I can't remember if I did something special for that.