The very clever Webtrends Open Campaign is all about transparency.  We are showcasing our technologies, along with creative solutions from some of our partners, to demonstrate what's possible using data of all shapes and sizes.  From our site:

Have a look around the web site. Get to know the people and partners involved. And come back often. We'll explore our results and introduce new marketing strategies every week.

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One post early on in the blog was from our own Robin Balmer, who has put together some visualizations around metrics from the campaign.  He's pulling data from our DX API, and put a flash visualization together to present a trend of views and visits over time.  Simple, elegant and relatively easy to do as he notes in his blog post:



I set this task of visualization-building as a fun programming challenge for myself and as a means to get the visualizations to work stylistically with the design of the web site. But you don’t have be an experienced coder to get at Webtrends data - you can use the API to pull data right into Excel and analyze or visualize it from there. I saw some great examples of this during Webtrends’ last Developer Day.

Nice work Robin!