Webtrends Tag Builder

Webtrends Tag Builder tool hasalso been updated to create the new JavaScript tags.



The Tag Builder landing pageasks if you want to create the 9.x style or new 10.2 JS tag.  Since weknow many people have 9.x configuration files that they use for generating theWebtrends tag that is no longer applicable for 10.2, clearly some people willwant to load their config at least one last time to inventory theirconfiguration they used in 9.x.


v10.2 Zip Contents

The output of the new TagBuilder for v10.2 is a zip file that contains the inline html code block, anoptional method of using a "loader" so that all the inline html isexecuted from a simple include statement, as well as both a minimized andunmimized copy of the JS tag.


Is the 9.x JavaScript stillused/supported?

You can still use your previousWebtrends JavaScript and it's certainly supported.

As mentioned, tag builder willstill optionally allow you to create the 9.x style JS.

But we think you'll want tomove to 10.2 naturally.




Analytics Spaces and v10.2

Web site spaces

Analytics 10 default "WebSite" space will now create v10.2 JavaScript by default.  The outputis the same as what you will get from the Webtrends Tag Builder only all theadditional options are set at their default.


Facebook ("page" and"app") spaces

This is an exciting new area ofinnovation in the v10.2 tag.  We have a separate post on this topic alone.


Mobile web site space

Mobile web site spaces werealready creating a slimmed down version of the new Webtrends v10 async tag.

Theoutput of parameters is the same