New Webtrends async JavaScript v10.2


Blog Series

This is the kickoff post in a series of blogs related to the exciting new Webtrends JavaScript version 10.2.

This series of blogs will help you take off with the new Webtrends JS.

As each new post is made, this post will be updated with links.





List of what's new and great in v10.2

  • Webtrends Heatmaps
  • Social analytics features built-in
  • Plugins for easy extensibility
  • Selector-based Event tracking
  • "Transform" events and page load tap points
  • Partner/customer add-ons
  • Asynchronous
  • High Performance
  • Compact for bandwidth limited devices
  • New Webtrends Tag Builder


Where/when do I get the new tag?

Available now.

Either from creating your Analytics 10 web site space or from the Webtrends Tag Builder




Full documentation on the new JS can be found here.  Topics include customizing the tag, details on adding plugins, etc.

If anything in my posts contradicts what you see in the documentation (hopefully not) you can probably trust the documentation first