Mobile SDKs for Webtrends Analytics 10 Spaces

Webtrends recent release of the Analytics 10 platform made it incredibly easy to get your mobile app analytics up and running.

This release of our mobile SDKs adds deeper analytics events as well as additional app attributes.


It also further defines your events between app actions and app screen views.


New Features

  • v1.1 Adds new Application attributes to your configuration XML/plist.  You now have an app name, app category and publisher attribute.  We realize that many of our developers and customers have several to many apps and this is sometimes spread across multiple versions, publishers and app categories and these attributes are now recorded in your Webtrends spaces.
  • v1.1 Add new advanced analytics methods:
    • Ad Impressions
    • Ad Clicks
    • Search Events

These new event types are in addition to the existing product, media and other events in the 1.0 SDKs.


  • v1.1 adds several new event types and breaks them out of the formerly catchall "screen views". 


  • v1.1 adds significant performance improvements and are updated and tested on newer SDKs for the various platforms.  Full details will be in each post for the individual SDKs.

Import Note on Screen Views and App Events


With the addition of the Screen Views metric in Analytics 10 release, our latest SDKs include some changes to prevent non-view events from showing up in this metric. Previously all events including app start, terminate, clicks, background and other non-view events were included in the page view totals. If you are updating your SDK please keep in mind there will be a few changes to data showing in Webtrends Analytics. 


How will this change affect me? 

Screen views might drop significantly. Don't panic. All events are still being collected and you can see them all in the various reports for those event types (like app system events, in app ads, etc.). They just aren't "screens".


In the case that you have only implemented the basic automated method, you might find that the metric will show zero.We suggest that at a minimum you implement screen level tracking -- See below for links to related documentation.


While we feel these changes are important, we understand that you might want to keep things as they are now.  If you want to undo this change you can find steps here.


Upgrade Steps

  1. Carefully look at the new config parameters in the XML/plist files and configuration parameters.  The new App attributes mean that they aren't identical to the previous versions and you need to configure them.
  2. Add a screen view events if you are not currently tracking.
  3. Finally, update the SDK itself


On-premises use of SDKs

The SDKs are supported for versions 9.2 forward.



Thanks for the Feedback!

Thanks for all the developer feedback we've received.  It's been very helpful and we've added quite a few of the suggestions (and some others we're working on now). We hope you're happy with our latest release.


As we continue to innovate in mobile analytics, we always want to hear what additional features and data you would like to see from us.





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