I’m excited to introduce one of our most innovative offerings to our development community:  the Webtrends Mobile Application Library for Android, iPhone and, BlackBerry.



Webtrends has been embedded in applications, portals, rich media, and rich Internet applications for years, but never has it been so drop-dead easy to instrument data collection on advanced mobile platforms–and there is no solution that collects this depth of data for application analytics. 

Priorities for our Mobile Application Libraries

To explain our goals, here are the priorities we rallied behind in developing our libraries:



Ease of Implementation

We wanted to provide the easiest implementation and richest data collection. After you import our library into your projects, no additional code is required before data begins flowing from your app users’ fingers to the Webtrends servers. At the same time, options and configuration for which features you wish to use from the library are easily viewed and changed in simple XML.


User Experience

Our library absolutely must not impact user experience. One way we avoid impact is by using highly efficient threading. But we’re so serious about user experience that our solution will even pause collection and queue up data when a user’s batteries are low or signal is weak and, when users come back online, we have intelligence to make sure we don’t send a flood of queued up data that might cause application lag.


Depth of Analytics Data

Mobile app analytics has been in dire need of Webtrends leadership.  Every analytics offering for mobile SDKs has one of two problems. Most offer too little insight while a few offer additional metrics but far too much hassle to instrument like tracking rich media interactions, application screen navigation/paths, and user experience measurement.


Developer Features

We know who uses our library and we want to impress you–no small feat. So we included testing and debugging features that should knock your socks off. Automated error capture and analysis is pretty cool, but being able to see your precise data collection stream in real time as you develop is pretty amazing. Flexible visitor identification, overrides for optimizing geolocation data, automatic UTF-8 and url encoding for robustness are impressive. Even if we do say so ourselves.



A few of Our Innovative Features

Look for our marketing material on webtrends.com soon for full details, but here are some features that set us apart:

  • True event-level and real-time data collection Our library is not limited to session-based data collection. Events begin to show up in Webtrends as they occur. This includes support for our real-time alerting features in Analytics 9 Insight.
  • Automated Offline/online data collection The library is threaded and all events go through a collection queue. The queue automatically takes into account a number of performance aspects like battery life, signal strength, and GPS availability.
  • Quick-step instrumentation provides all the basic analytics behavior without having to manage sessions and visitor IDs or capture app start/stop events. It’s all done for you.
  • Deep analytics can be added with a single line of code. Media interactions, content grouping, product views and conversions are a few of the convenience methods we’ve created to simplify development.  But you aren’t limited to just our convenience methods…
  • All events have unlimited flexibility to add custom events and parameters, and we promise to make it the easiest of any solution out there. All methods accept as many custom parameters as you want.
  • Industry-best testing, privacy and debugging features provide instant as-you-go validation. Programmatically toggle data collection and debugging on/off. Visitor identification methods are easily selectable so you can create settings in your app that meet your user/policy expectations.


Mobile developers are the forefront of innovation right now, and that isn’t my attempt at giving our developer network members an ego boost. Mobile platform apps are smashing the walls between social platforms, applications have location and context awareness, and the aggressive pace of experimentation is exciting. We’re happy to be a part of all this.



Feedback and Use Cases Wanted

Thank you all for the immediate and invaluable feedback you’ve been sending us.  Please tell us what you’re working on and ask us how we can help–we’re more than anxious to do so.  If your project is too secret to share, send me an email directly and I’ll do my best to give a helpful and accurate response (and beg you to let me share the learned insight with the rest of the community, sans your sensitive project details of course .




Paul Lawbaugh, Webtrends

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