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How to capture value of On site search  using Multitrack




The parameter, WT.oss passed In multitrack does not have impact on the report On-Site-searches.


I am using JS client side tagging  to capture data in Webtrends.


In my web  page I have a text box. I want to track the values entered in the text box.


For this, I am calling the following code  on form submit


function doWebtrendsSubmit(){


var searchtext =document.getElementById("searchforid").value;


Webtrends.multiTrack( {element:this,

argsa:["DCS.dcssip", window.location.hostname,

"DCS.dcsuri", 'searchResult',

"WT.ti", "Search Results",

"WT.dl", "24",


"WT.oss_r","1" ]});






Please advice me on this.


Thanks & regards,


  • How to capture value of On site search  using Multitrack
    Michael Seely Newbie

    The WT.dl value should be set to 0 for a page view, not 24 which indicates offsite link tracking.  This might cause the results to be not used in the Onsite Search Results report.  Always setting the WT.oss_r parameter to 1 will always direct the search term(s) to the - Found - report.


    Typically, some code is added to the search results page after the onsite search to generate the WT.oss and WT.oss_r value dynamically.  This will give you results for both the - Found - and - Not Found - reports.

    • How to capture value of On site search  using Multitrack
      Phu Nguyen Newbie

      spot on. Don't add these tags Add those name/value attributes as Metatags or pass it into webtrends as part of the js on the search result page. The only time you would call a dcsmultitrack function with the parameters you have would be if you wanted to track the search entries but do not own or have the capabilities to modify the search result. If thats the case, don't include WT.oss_r


      WT.oss -> pass the searched query

      WT.oss_r->if searched query has results pass 1 if no results, pass 0