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Insight functionality




I have to create a Dashboard for our client using the REST urls. As a newbie, i have lots of doubts regarding this insight interface.


  1. How a profile is listed in the Insight interface? Our WEbtrends Analytics interface has got around 50 profile and only few is listed in insight interface. How can i show all the profiles in the insight? Whats the criteria for that?
  2. We usually use paramater analysis and scenario analysis a lot to get most of the data. But insight is showing this one. Is there a way to create a report that shows the parameter analysis?
  3. Also the pages in insigt just shows the page name and not the url, where as in Webtrends analytics it shows both. Can i change this to show the page url in insight?


Any help will be much appreciated. If i can get some sort of document, that will be great.





  • Insight functionality
    Paul Lawbaugh Novice

    1. The interface is showing only a few at a time based on the UI view but the REST request naturally returns all your profiles (click on the link and user your login to Webtrends and you'll get an XML list of all your profiles).




    2.  All scenario attributes including scenario name, step number, etc. are exposed as dimensions in our custom report builder.  Create any report that makes sense for your dashboard like maybe a two dimensional report that shows Scenario Name, Scenario Step and then add the measures you want.  This table of data you create will be accessible using the REST requests.  Once you have built your data tables and the data looks the way you want it, use our generator.webtrends.com to create the REST requests for that data.


    3.  The data in the REST requests has both the page and url.  Create the REST request from http://generator.webtrends.com and then copy and paste it into Excel (follow our documentation if you need help) and the data will show up without any extra work.