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A10 REST URLs inconsistent with older formats

Li-Kim Lee Newbie

I am having problems with date formats for the new A10 REST URLs. Are there any plans to resolve these or are there workarounds?


1. REST URLs constructed with period=current_month-1 are not returning the previous calendar month for A10 reports.


2. Also, where our older reports were fine with start_period and end_period values of XXXXmYdZ and XXXXmYYdZZ, the newer A10 ones (e.g. facebook space REST URLs) cannot accept the XXXXmYdZ format. E.g. start_period=2011m06d01&end_period=2011m06d30 returns data but start_period=2011m6d1&end_period=2011m6d30 does not, for A10.




  • A10 REST URLs inconsistent with older formats
    1. Try replacing period with start_period. As part of the move to DX v3 we moved away from the use of the period parameter in favor of the use of start_period and end_period parameters. In the case of single period requests, such as yours, start_period works the same as period does on v2 requests.
    2. This is a known issue that we are working to resolve soon. Check the developer network for an update announcement in August.  Please note that there will be several issues resolved and there will be full documentation available on developer.webtrends.com later in August.