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Data source and SDC location




First of all, we are using weblogic 9.2a and SDC 8.0a.

We are hosting a website that has got 3 web servers (say A,B and C) which is been load balanced (say D).

SDC is running on these 3 m/c's A,B and C .

Webtrends server (say E) is running on another m/c and we have a batch file that copies the SDC logs from these 3 webservers (A,B,C) to webtrends m/c (E).

The thing that confuses me is the data source creation. Since we hv got logs from 3 servers, we need to create 3 different data sources.

My question is, what will be the SmartSource Data Collector Domain Name for these 3 data sources?

Will all be showing the load balancers (D) name or each web servers name or the webtrend m/c's name?


Suppose for 1st data source that checks the log from A, will the

SmartSource Data Collector Domain Name = A or D or E?


Any help will be much appretiated.