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What are legal requirements for using Webtrends


Can't find this, so got to ask:


  1. Is it FREE to integrate "Webtrends for iOS" library into client application? Are there licensing fee requirements, which I somehow missed? Only interested in client-side.
  2. Does client application need to show "Webtrends" name and / or Terms of service or other license notes anywhere? Since I couldn't find anything, I'm guessing it's not required


Read several times these documents already:


Developer Network Terms and Conditions

From https://developer.webtrends.com/docs/DOC-1141


Webtrends Data Collection API Usage Rules

From https://developer.webtrends.com/docs/DOC-1161

  • What are legal requirements for using Webtrends
    Derek Fine Newbie

    Regarding cost, Webtrends does not charge separately for the use of the Webtrends SDK for iPhone. However, the end user client must be a customer of Webtrends Analytics in order to access and view the data collected using such SDK, and all data collected and uploaded into Webtrends using such SDK is counted and charged as a “Server Call” against the usage of Webtrends Analytics by that end user client. Webtrends does not permit use of the Webtrends SDK other than in connection with Webtrends products.


    Regarding privacy or Webtrends name, the client application should include the appropriate privacy notice— varies dependent on the business of the client and the data being collected using the SDK—regarding use of Webtrends products (as a general statement of using a third party tool for collection of data and tracking purposes etc.), but a specific attribution to Webtrends is not required.  For some best practices guidance on mobile privacy, see TRUSTe’s mobile certification program