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Additional column in REST data extracted for Countries report

Li-Kim Lee Newbie

Apologies if cross-posting. This appears to have occurred only yesterday or the day before. Prior to yesterday, when retrieving data for the Countries report via web query, using a REST URL, e.g. https://ws.webtrends.com/v2/ReportService/profiles/XXXXXXXXXXX/reports/43df19b6d9f2/?totals=all&period=current_month-1&format=html&suppress_error_codes=true, the output in EXCEL was 3 columns of data:


Time               Countries                        Visits
Apr-10                                                   4549
Apr-10            United States (US)          1751
...       ...                ...

However, today, the results have an additional column of "numTotalRows", which is somewhat interrupting my data display.

Time               Countries                         numTotalRows                      Visits
Apr-10                                                    127                                       4549
Apr-10            United States (US)                                                        1751
...                    ...                                     ...              ...


Is there a way to edit the URL to only get 3 columns of data, without the "numTotalRows" column?