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Campaign ID Trend Data


Hey guys -


Looking for a solution other than looping through multiple api calls to return trend data by campaign ID.


Is trending going to be or currently available filtered by campaign id?


It would be great if I could do a filter on the key metrics data by campaign ID. Is there something I'm missing, or is this not available in the API yet?

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    Paul Lawbaugh Novice

    You can definitely get trend data for campaigns and certainly you can filter by campaign ID.


    There are a few ways to get dates of data and if you want a trend, you should use the period= parameter with a trend interval because that will automatically return a trend of the data points.




    This returns a trend of all the data for the campaigns report (make sure you have the right GUID) for the 31 days of Jan.


    Add a filter to is like:



    And this will filter the results.





    However the one sentence in your question was "on the key metrics data by campaign ID".  Do you specifically mean that you want all the quote "Key Metrics" data filtered by campaign ID?  Or are you saying you just want the key metrics (no quote and no caps meaning you want all the measures applicable) for a campaign ID?  The phrase Key Metrics is a phrase we use often to refer to a specific set of data (the general stats of a profile) so that is why I wanted to clarify.


    I believe all the stats for a profile key metrics are already stored in the CampaignIDs report as measures so you should use that report rather than trying to filter the same data from the profile general stats.