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Proposed change:  HTML format - Feedback requested

Paul Lawbaugh Novice

We've created an enhanced HTML format intended to resolve some issues we've had several of you request.  However, I'd like to send this out for general feedback.


Currently the HTML format creates a table but the data isn't fully flattened, it is formatted for appearance.  I.e. for any table of data with multiple columns, each row of data doesn't contain the values of the parent that it is under, it just leaves nulls.  It is good for readability.


However it causes significant issues in Excel and in applications because if you were to filter or select data based on a value in a parent column, none of the children get selected.  Pivot tables are not possible on this data as an example.


What we are proposing is to create change the current formatted HTML tables from this:


Example (what our data looks like now).  Problem:  If you were to filter or pivot on 5/4/2009 all the rows of data would disappear so you can't actually select the data from that date in this view.




Into this:

Example (what a fully flattened table would look like).  Benefit:  You can filter or create pivot tables to pivot  on any column of this data:






Are there any use cases for keeping the html format the way it is now?  Right now we only have votes for changing it.  Are we missing something?

If not, we'll make this enhancement.


If there are good use cases for the old format, we'd like to propose that the new default for format=html be the new one and there is a possibility to make the old format something different (format=html2?).  Obviously we'd rather not keep around a format though that has little value in it so please give examples to help us out.