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Issue Requesting Trend Data


I am trying to pull hourly data for a set of days (eventually need this for several months, but starting with a couple days), but seem to be getting an error when I try.


These works for 1 day of summary data (05/14 & 15/13):




However, when I try to pull trend data I still only get 1 day of data.

These both returns data for 05/14 only:




When I try to pull hourly data for previous day(s) (and not for Express data ) like these:




I get back this in the Generator:

     An error occured while processing your request. If the problem continues, please notify Webtrends.
and I get this from Firefox:
    There was an error handling your request.

This is a rather large report with some decent sized table limits (analysis 60K, reporting 40K.  It is probably worth noting that this profile only has Daily and Monthly reporting periods enabled.


Am I doing soemthing wrong with my request or is this a larger issue?