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Hourly Express Data


I am getting a "Generic Error" when I try to pull "Last 24 Hours"express data for a couple of my custom reports.  It seems to work for some, but not others.  It could be a size limitation, as the reports that don't work seem to be on the big side.  I have tried to do this a few ways, but all seem to fail:





Also strange, but maybe not exactly related.  When I tried to use "Relative" (visa the generator), and set the time period to

     15 Hours of data starting

     15 ago


The REST url set the period for an old date: 


rather than


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    Hi Lou, we currently do not have any express data available in the web services, so you might be getting "full analysis" data with some of your requests, and no data at all with others (which would explain the error).  Hourly data should work for previous days.


    The second item is probably as designed.  It's essentially saying, "give me 15 hours of data starting 15 days ago".  Are you trying to get something different than that?  You also have access to other relative periods, using something like this:


    I'm sure you have this already, but here's the doc on periods:


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      Thanks Eric.  I had thought the value in the "ago" field was for the hour.  So what I was looking for was 12 hours of data starting 12 hours ago.  I had assumed, like the other units (days, weeks, etc) that the "ago" field was the same unit.




      "timeperiod=2009m04d22*3" returns data for







      "timeperiod=2009m03*3" returns data for

           Jan 2009

           Feb 2009

           Mar 2009


      I would expect


      "timeperiod=2009m05d01h11*5" to return data for

           5/1/2009 07:00

           5/1/2009 08:00

           5/1/2009 09:00

           5/1/2009 10:00

           5/1/2009 11:00


      Obviously, this would require Express data with hourly interval, which you said is not available...yet?!?!  What is the plan/vision around providing express data?  Having Express data available via API is huge for us.  Express data drives our Most Read content modules.  Also, one of the things I was hoping to use this API for is an overlay visualization of Content Module Performance within our CMS system.  We have already started to do some of this using the ODBC driver, but the ODBC only gives us 1 number for the day.  Ideally, I would like to provide some sense of the trend over time throughout the day. On my home planet we would have line chart, but here on Earth I would be happy with hourly bar chart.

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        Apparently, period=2009m05d01h11*5 does exatctly what I expected it to do.  I think this is more of an issue with the Generator UI confusing me. I assumed that the "Ago" field was hours, not days.


        The questions on Express still stand though