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Webtrends Profile and Report Matrix Spreadsheet.

Johnny Mitchell Newbie

I just wanted to share a spreadsheet I have created using the rest api. This spreadsheet creates a report and profile matrix for your accounts Webtrends setup.


At my company I have many websites and as such many different report configurations within profiles. and getting a quick view of the reports used across the business is not the easiest within webtrends.


This spreadsheet will download the profile list, and then each profiles report list and display it in a grid for a quick view of your setup. as per the image below. (Obviously with the profile and report names, not these generic ones)




The sheet has been built to add new profiles when created and can just be updated as and when need.


When you 1st open the spreadsheet you will see 2 blank worksheets, this is fine.


To update the spreadsheet just go to the macros section and select the macro called updateprofiles()


The macro will

  1. Download the profile list for your account (Based on the credentials you enter)
  2. Then scan through the profile list and download the report list for each profile, creating a new worksheet named after the profile ID
  3. Copy all the reports from each sheet, paste them into a new list and remove any duplicates.
  4. Copy the profile list, paste into a new sheet and sort Left to Right.
  5. Apply a formula and conditional formatting to the page to generate the matrix field.



If you need to update the sheet after changes you have made within Webtrends, just run the macro again.



Hope this helps anyone out who uses it.