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Option to leave out subtotals

Nikolaj Bardram Newbie

I would like to see an option to leave out all the the subtotals when exporting two or multidimensional reports.



I have a report which I use for a dashboard and consists of our News Titles on the Intranet and their publishing date.

When I export this, I get for all news items:


News1  blank Visits

News1 Publishdate Visits

News2 blank Visits

News2  Publishdate Visits



Now this is not a problem to delete in excel, but it is a waste of export, and it means  that I can only export half the rows I would otherwise be able to, if I didn't get a blank for each new item in the list. (Because excel can only handle a limited amount of data to extract)


Anyone else who has run in to this problem and found any good work arounds?

  • Option to leave out subtotals
    Paul Lawbaugh Novice

    Agreed.  This is something we've had on the list.  It doesn't make sense to have blank rows.  When you turn off subtotals, ideally it means they simply aren't there, not that the numbers are blanked out.

    • Re: Option to leave out subtotals
      Nikolaj Bardram Newbie

      Sounds good.


      Another really useful filter would be to be able to extract data based on measures. Much like the query tool inside WT.


      List items where Visits are greater than 10. Etc.


      When I do exports of large amounts of data, then I could certainly live without all the ones with less than 10 visits.And sometimes it would be usefull to query those with less than 10 visits.


      However the only filter method I have now is to say, well I think more than 10 visits pr item is around top 2500 rows. Range1*2500, but that is just a guess.... and it varies, so the option to filter on measure would be so much better.