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Thread lock, WTDCManager postEventToDC


Hi,I'm trying to use the DataCollection Sample but I get a problem.


This is my code:


WTEvent *event;

event = [WTEvent eventForScreenView:@"/HelloWorld/screen/view" eventDescr:@"HelloWorld Screen View" eventType:@"view" contentGroup:@"content_group"];

[self trackEvent:event];


When I start my application everything is fine, until the [self trackEvent:event] instruction, the application stop and I get this in the GDB console:


sharedlibrary apply-load-rules all

Current language:  auto; currently objective-c

Canceling call as the malloc lock is held so it isn't safe to call the runtime.

Issue the command:

    set objc-non-blocking-mode off

to override this check if you are sure your call doesn't use the malloc libraries or the ObjC runtime.



When I type 'info threads' I got this:


  6                         0x9b551c22 in mach_msg_trap ()

* 5                         0x9b61c448 in pthread_mutex_lock ()

  4 "WebThread"             0x9b551c22 in mach_msg_trap ()

  3                         0x9b55490a in kevent ()

  2                         0x9b55402e in __workq_kernreturn ()

  1 "com.apple.main-thread" 0x9b551c22 in mach_msg_trap ()



And then I select the 'thread 5', I see:


[Switching to thread 5 (process 2357)]

#4  0x00008184 in -[WTDCManager postEventToDC:] (self=0x594d5d0, _cmd=0x13aea, event=0x595ab30) at /Users/mbuilder/VSTS/Mobile/Data Collection/IPhone/release/1.1/WTDC/WTDCManager.m:859

859    /Users/mbuilder/VSTS/Mobile/Data Collection/IPhone/release/1.1/WTDC/WTDCManager.m: No such file or directory.

    in /Users/mbuilder/VSTS/Mobile/Data Collection/IPhone/release/1.1/WTDC/WTDCManager.m


I don't understand why my application (thread) is locked.


Someone can help me ?