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XML Encoding issue


It seems like the REST service is only able to generate UTF-8 encoded XML. Our WebTrends installation is set up using ISO-8859-1 so all our language (Norwegian) specific characters show up as question marks. Is there any way to have the service generate a response that doesn't break our local characters? The WT UI enable us to deselect UTF-8 and display them correctly.



  • XML Encoding issue

    Same issue here with french characters.

  • XML Encoding issue
    Cecilia Lam Newbie

    We have the same issue with Norwegian characters too.

  • XML Encoding issue
    Julien Coquet Newbie



    I'm being told T3 Support is aware of the issue

    • XML Encoding issue
      Paul Lawbaugh Novice

      Hello all, we'd like to test our fix.  If you would like to contact me with your account and specific report, REST request details, I can have our team test it on your data to make sure it works.


      You can send it to the "developer" email address or my email is a webtrends.com address, "paul.lawbaugh"

      • XML Encoding issue

        Hello Paul, We have encoding issue too with "?" marks in HTML import.


        We used import data erlier using ODBC, now enhancing logic to pull from Rest API using HTML import.

        Found ? marks in link title field of link tracking report, for both in ODBC and Rest API pull. You can see data from below table.


        LinkTitle (ODBC)LinkTitle (Rest API)
        Link:????s? p??stas?a? p??s?p???? ded?�????Link:????s? p??stas?a? p??s?p???? ded?�????
        Link:S?��as? ??a pa???? ?p??es??? t?? ZuneLink:S?��as? ??a pa???? ?p??es??? t?? Zune
        Link:???? ??????? ?????? ?? ??????Link:???? ??????? ?????? ?? ??????
        Link:Zune ??????Link:Zune ??????
        Link:??????? ?????????Link:??????? ?????????
        Link:???????? ? ?????????Link:???????? ? ?????????

        (Profile Name: 120-12 - zune.net rollup (LinkTracking)) 


        Please review and let me know a way to get right data instead of ??? marks.


        Appreciate your help.

      • XML Encoding issue
        Martin Schuster Newbie

        Hi Paul,


        Is the fix already deployed or still in the testing phase? We are still having the issue. If you like we can send you the details.