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API questions


I am a WT newbie (2 week old!)  trying to figure out how to get data into excel using the API. I'm sure someone here can figure out what I am doing wrong in 2 min. so forgive my lack of knowledge!

I've gotten as far as getting the WT report to come up in the new web query in excel, but the table selection arrow only offers to bring in the header of WT?

I am using the DRA URL as the address, this maybe where I'm fouling it up. Any direction would be grealty appreciated!! Thank you!

  • API questions
    Paul Lawbaugh Novice

    Hi Kathleen and welcome!


    When you are in Webtrends Insight interface there is a button in the top right that looks like an arrow and is the "Share" button.  Click it and choose Web Services (see screenshot below).  Click on this and you will have the option to create an Excel ready url.  These URLs are in what is called REST format which simply means that the url by itself is enough to specify the output... no code, plugin or anything else is needed.


    Every time you view a different view in Webtrends, this url will change automatically (date ranges, reports and data viewed, etc.)



    Use this url in Excel using the "From Web" data import option (Click "Data" and choose "From Web").  It will ask you to authenticate of course but that's about it.  The data will just show up in Excel, live.  Even better, you can sort/format/hide columns, etc. and when you refresh the data in Excel, it keeps all your formatting.




    Once you feel you have this process down, the next stage to becoming a grand master of Webtrends DX is to look closer at the REST urls.  You'll see there are elements you can change (like date ranges) and you can add filters, select specific rows of data, etc.  These are all documented here on the Developer Network (if you are a Webtrends on-demand customer go here or if you are an on-premises customer go here).