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Webstats for Jar file download using JWS


I am using Java Web Start (JWS) to lauch/download a JAR (Java Archive) file in my project. The flow of application is as follows:


1) User clicks on a hyper-link

2) Java Script function is called which calls JNLP file

3) JNLP file instructs JWS to download the JAR file.


How can I get downlaod statistics for the JAR file ?


Please Help!!!

  • Webstats for Jar file download using JWS
    Paul Lawbaugh Novice

    You didn't mention what your property you are tracking is or how you are tracking it. 

    I'll make the assumption that this is a web site and you want to track clicks on the site.

    I'll also assume you are using the standard Webtrends JavaScript tag.


    In the Webtrends JS there is a function called dcsMultitrack.  This function can be called on demand any time after the page has loaded and it will send all the webtrends parameters for you (plus any custom ones you want to add onto it).


    You should check out the Webtrends Documentation on using multitrack but my quick and dirty example of a multitrack call:


    dcsMultiTrack('DCS.dcsuri','[put the page URI here]','WT.ti','[put your description here]','WT.dl','1','[custom parameter here]','[custom parameter value here]');";


    To explain those values:

    • DCS.dcsuri is the parameter for specifying a URL for the link/page/button click.
    • WT.ti is our page title parameter
    • WT.dl means "download" and expects an integer value.  A non-zero value excludes this event from the "page views" measure.  Usually downloads are equal to "1".
    • Lastly, you can pass custom parameters if you want to create some kind of special dimension or measure in Webtrends.  It doesn't matter particularly what parameter name or value you put here, Webtrends lets you define them in the UI for whatever you name it.




    Also, if you don't mind post these questions in the Data Collection section of the Developer Network so that others interested in data collection tips can follow your posts.  Your question is guaranteed to be one others have.

    • Webstats for Jar file download using JWS

      Thank you for your response.


      I am new to WebTrends tool. We are using WebTrends Marketing Lab tool version 8.5.


      I will be more detailed here. I am part of a support team in my company. We have a website which allows your to download a java swing application distribute in form of JAR file (.jar) using Java Web Start technology and a VB application (.exe).


      The management team of our company wants to know how many times the .exe and .jar file was downloaded.


      When I go open  WebTrends tool -> Analytics Reports -> Site Design -> Download Files

      i see a list of Downloaded file with <file-name>.<Extension> and number of downloads, but that doesnt list .jar file. I believe it doesnt list because we are having a flow of javascript function -> JNLP -> JAR.


      When I go open  WebTrends tool -> Analytics Reports -> Site Design -> Accessed File Types

      it does list the File type and Files accessed and here we do see the .jar file but with NO <file-name>.



      1) Can get to know exactly how many times the jar file got downloaded with <file-name> ?

      2) Any addtional code will help the process.