On behalf of all of us at  Webtrends, I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of our Data Extraction API for Analytics 9 On Premises. Documentation on the Data Extraction API is available here on the Developer Network (see link to the right).  Installation of the data extraction API is an optional part of the Analytics 9 installation program located in our Software Center, http://www.webtrends.com/Support/UpgradeCenter.aspx .


Details on all of the new and updated components for Analytics 9 On Premises are on our new Release Notes blog located at http://releasenotes.webtrends.com/on-premises/


As a reminder, participating  in our community discussion on the Developer Network is easy -  simply create an account on this site.  This will allow you to create  new discussions and comment on existing ones.  If you prefer not to  create an account, you can still view activity on our site but won't be  able to comment, participate or get notifications.


-Derek Fine, Webtrends Product Management