<fanfare>Version 2 of the Data Extraction API is now available.</fanfare>


As always, we strongly encourage upgrading to version 2.0, so that you can put the new functionality to work and give us your feedback and ideas for future development.


If you can’t migrate immediately, version 1.1 is still available for use (documentation at http://product.webtrends.com/dxapi/v1/index.html). Note: Using some v1.1 URIs in v2 will produce different results, because of changes in data. In XML format, there will be new values (for example, isSearchable); in HTML, layout is altered.

To use v2 features, specify v2 in your URIs. For example:


This URI uses version 1.1:


Additions and Changes

  • Alerts and Notes API: Use the syndication feeds method to create a feed of alerts and notes.
  • Key Metrics: Use the keymetrics method to summarize important data for profiles of interest.
  • Internationalization: The language parameter enables you to specify a language preference for report data.
  • More reports available: Browsers by Versions, Onsite Ad Impressions, Onsite Ad Clickthrough Rates, Onsite Ad Clickthroughs, Cities, Countries, Mobile Devices, Mobile Browsers (these have been removed from the list of legacy reports not supported).

Enhancements and Bug Fixes

  • Report API
    • Measure ordering: Measures in report data appear in the order in which you specified them.·
    • Multidimensional search: The get report data for period method now includes the attribute IsSearchable, so you can search all dimensions (like using the report filter in Analytics).
  • Trending for two-dimensional reports, including many built-in (legacy) reports: The Data Exchange API now provides the same trending functionality on two-dimensional reports as the Analytics user interface (where the trend is shown for the first dimension). For example, the Content Groups and Sub-groups report is not available in Version 1 of the API; in Version 2, you can get trend data on the Content Groups dimension. Note: On built-in (legacy) reports, interval data is only available for Visits and Page Views.
  • ENG367660: Reports available to user not accurate
  • ENG367545: Token names for Mobile Browser and Mobile Device reports not current
  • ENG367783: API error in Insight