I have seen a bit of an interest in the original sample application that I put together and since then there have been a number of changes to to DX API.  With the latest release of the Webtrends Analytics Insight user interface we have now update this API to V2.  Along with that I have had a chance to do additional testing of the Excel VBA application.  These two events have now led to version v6 of the Sample Application.


So, what’s in version 9?  Well, first of all, there are bug fixes.  I won’t detail them here, but there were a few and there are probably a few still in there. Next I have updated all of the REST calls to V2 of the API.  And, finally, I have added new functionality that will allow you to see both the Profile and Report Meta data items for any selected report.  It’s all in the documentation, so please read it for details.


One of the interesting updates in the V2 DX API is the inclusion of two new reports: an Account Key Metrics report and a Profile Key Metrics report.  These have been added as new reports in this Sample Application as well.


In keeping with my commitment to update this application on a periodic basis I have some new functionality. This new functionality adds the ability to create a "SummaryCharts" worksheet that can contain different types of graphs and charts from the data that has been downloaded via the REST URLs.  To make this even more useful there is also an option to select a function that will email this worksheet to one or more addresses at will.  This new version is v9 and it supports the v2.1 REST API.  I have removed all but the last two versions of the application from the site.



Version 10 Now Available!


One of the attachments below is v10.  This version adds the ability to create a single query to extract monthly data and then have the application create multiple queries for subsequent months.  This is especially helpful when you want to search for a speciifc item in a report and then trend that in detail over a number of months.  The documentation that is included provides specifics on how to do that.



So, as always, enjoy this new version of the application and any feedback you have is welcome.  The new version can be found as an embedded object in the attached documentation.  You will still find v8 and v9 attached to this post.


Michael Love

Senior Solutions Engineer