To use v1.1 features, specify v1_1 in your requests. This URI uses version 1.1:


The prior version is still available*, but we encourage you to move quickly to adopt the new version, so that our enhancement efforts are driven by your feedback.

This URI uses version 1:


Changes made in version 1.1 are flagged in the documentation.


* Note: URIs produced with Generator v1.1 are not compatible with the Data Extraction API v1.0. If you need to produce URIs for version 1.0, then you can access Generator v1.0 here:


Additions and Changes


  • XML parsing:  Additional metadata is defined for some views in the XML format (such as the profile summary method), so data collected with XML parser code that uses position, rather than the XML tag name, may not be positioned as before when using v1.1. Webtrends recommends as a best practice to use the XML tag name, rather than position, in XML parsing, so this is a good time to change position-dependent parser code to use tag names.
  • Combining data from different accounts:  When you log in to a parent account, you can query profiles from any sub-accounts that you have   permission to access. Visibility into profiles is no longer restricted to profiles in the account to which you authenticate in your initial session. You can now combine data from profiles in different accounts, specifying an account with the account name parameter.
  • Templates and report access:  The Data Exchange API now restricts access to data based on permissions and on whether a report is included in the templates available to you.
  • New XML2 format: “XPath-friendly” output is now available (useful in dynamic applications).
  • Measure totals: Additional choices for returning totals.
  • Changes  to the Generator utility: Added XML2 and CSV formats and new totals functionality. Removed charting and mobile routing functionality.

Bug Fixes and Enhancements


  • ESC365229: The profile summary report has one changed measure and one new measure:
    Changed "Average per Day" to "Average Page Views per Day"
    Added "Average Visits per Day"
  • ENG363413: Profile and report permissions error in Generator.
  • Data Extraction API numbers are returned directly from the analytics engine without manipulation, so they are the same as those in Webtrends reports. Discrepancies that still exist are due to calculations performed by the Webtrends user interface (rounding, averages, and calculated measures).
  • Search string filters on reports are now applied to both dimensions.
  • Reports including the Pages dimension now return page titles as a data column, along with the URI (formerly, the page title was omitted).

Known Issues

  • ENG365353: The list templates method may not produce expected results.
  • ENG365139: The Languages and Java Versions reports may not produce expected results when using the search parameter, since actual values differ from display values (“en” in the data, but “English” is displayed).
  • ENG364956: Comparison of certain measures (particularly averages and subtotals) may reveal differences between v1 and v1.1 of the API. v1.1 is considered more accurate, because the data comes directly from analysis databases.
  • ENG365121: Incorrect or partial data is returned (values contain percent symbols).
  • ENG365341: Column aggregates on the geography drilldown in Excel are incorrectly displayed.
  • ENG365425: Report and template listings do not reflect the user’s view permissions.

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