WT.gifWe are pleased to announce the general availability of our Webtrends Data Extraction API.  This v1 release is the culmination of a ton of effort of many individuals inside Webtrends, as well as the terrific support from our partners and customers who have provided feedback and suggestions during our beta process.  Thank you all for helping us reach this milestone.


This open, innovative API service, provides you with elegant access to your powerful Webtrends analytics data.  This is the first time we have leveraged a full beta cycle as part of our iterative development process.  It is also the first time we've reached out to our community, via this Developer Network, to solicit feedback and validate our approach.  It's been a huge win for us.


What's new?

Recently, we've been working on some behind the scenes governance (security and usage controls), and focusing on fixing bugs/issues.  We've also modified the HTML and CSV formats slightly to return data back in a more easy-to-consume structure, per your suggestions.  These changes, along with some additional functionality has made this API much easier to use directly within Excel, making it the only API in the industry that is powerful enough for sophisticated applications, while easy enough to also be used by everyone via Excel.


We've launched the formal "/v1/" version structure into the URL.  If you are using the "/beta/" request in your URL, you should switch over to "/v1/".  We'll continue to use the "/beta/" structure for future updates, so please don't use it for any production services or applications.  Please consult our documentation for the most current information on the API.


What's next?

We are going to continue to iterate rapidly on this Data Extraction platform.  It's already become very popular with our customers and partners as it is so easy to use.  Look for a regular maintenance release on a monthly basis, along with a 3-4 month cycle of releases that will include awesome new features.


We will continue to use this Developer Network for communications, ideas, and general sharing of information.  As always, please feel free to login and post questions, respond to other questions, or post ideas you have.  Your creativity and innovation is contagious.  It's all good.