I wanted to post some exciting details about our Webtrends product for SharePoint 2010.


Webtrends announced a new offering and partnership with Microsoft as a preferred analytics provider.

Details on this product can be found on our corporate web site here:



What does this mean from a technical/developer perspective?



The new product,,,

  • Is incredibly easy to integrate Webtrends into SharePoint

What we have created is a solution that integrates into SharePoint with a click of a button via our Webtrends for SharePoint feature installer.


  • Automatically tracks SharePoint specific data points and metrics like:
    • WebParts
    • Breadcrumb navigation
    • Multiple Site Collections
    • Documents and actions
    • Users


  • Has a more streamlined javascript that is faster, easier to drop in and easier to customize.


  • All of this can be set up and launched within the Webtrends A10 space creation wizard.



Documentation and technical details can be found here: