Our Data Collection API is now generally available to all of our customers and partners.

Thanks for all of the feedback during the Beta! Please keep pushing the limits and let us know where we can improve on the capabilities. We will continue to evolve the API to address the evolving needs of our customers and partners. Anything that connects to the internet is fair game.


About the Data Collection API

What is it?
Webtrends Data Collection API is a REST based web service that allows our clients and third party application developers to programmatically send data to our hosted data collection service. This information is then processed as a standard data source by both Webtrends Analytics and Marketing Warehouse.


Who can use it?
The API is open to all Webtrends customers and partners.


When should it be used?
The API is best leveraged to address real time data collection needs from non-PC based browsers. Regardless of the type, there is a need to track the adoption and usage of your applications by your customers, to continuously improve your products. In cases where JavaScript isn't the best option, you now have the ability to programmatically send user behavior information, as it happens, to Webtrends for reporting and analysis.


A few prominent examples:

  • Mobile applications (iPhone, Blackberry, Android, etc.)
  • Point of sale (MW)
  • Desktop applications
  • Video game consoles

What about an On-premise offering?
We initially released this capability as part of our hosted solution. In a subsequent release, date TBD, we will offer an on-premise version until then we do offer a Log File Delivery service. We can collect the data and provide access  for use with Webtrends on-premise software.


If you need an on-premise version, please let us know. Customer demand *always* has a tendency of accelerating schedules.


Where can I find documentation about this?
Check out the links on the right side of the page.

Where should I post feedback or ask a question?
Please start a discussion on this site. We are regularly monitoring and participating in discussions in this community, as well as the community at-large.